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Though we strive to provide information that is accurate and up to date on the “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” website, due to technological reasons or other unpreventable reasons, inaccurate information and typographical errors may be present. Description of each ryokan posted on this website is written by the “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” project team based on open information, and please be reminded that its contents might differ from the actual facts.
Also, for items on this website that require application for visas or valid passport periods, we recommend that users check with related organizations in advance.


Some links on this website link to other websites. These other websites are created based on the policies of the parties or entities that manage them, and do not implement the same policies as this website. Thus, “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” cannot guarantee the accuracy of information listed on these other websites. Also, we are not liable for any damage suffered by an individual who visits one of these websites or any third parties due to information listed on one of the websites.


The information listed on this website contains components protected by the copyright laws and treaties of every country worldwide, including text, music, images, diagrams, photographs, computer programs, compilations, databases, and secondary works pertaining to all of the above. Unauthorized conversion, reproduction, delivery, broadcast, distribution, loaning, or alteration of any copyrighted items without the prior written consent of the owner of the item, including the owners of the listed components and “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN”, constitutes copyright infringement and is punishable under the law.

As a general rule, “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” welcomes links to this website from other websites so that a large range of people can use this website. Please read the link setting guidelines below if you wish to link to SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN.


  • * All contents on this website, including its logo, are the copyright of “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN.” Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
  • * Unauthorized conversion and reproduction of screen displays and text data on each page of “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” is prohibited.

Link setting conditions

  • * Link setting: Links to URL addresses for all pages should start with “https://selected-ryokan.com/“.
    Example: “https://selected-ryokan.com/what/
  • * “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” is not liable for the content of websites linked to “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” or any damages incurred from the use of those websites.
  • * After granting permission to list a link, if “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” deems that a website contains content that is not in line with the content listed in the link guidelines (see below), “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” may request that website to remove links to “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” in order to prevent trouble.

We do not accept links from the following kind of websites.

  • * Any website that slanders or injures the reputation of “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” or a related organization, or any website which could possibly do such in the future.
  • * Any website that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” or a related organization, or any website which could possibly do such in the future.
  • * Any website that infringes upon the property, reputation, personal rights, or privacy of “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” or a related organization, or any website which could possibly do such in the future.
  • * Any website that contains content which goes against public morality.
  • * Any website that contains content which could possibly mislead the judgment of readers.
  • * We strictly prohibit other websites from displaying the “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” website within a frame on their website. If your website uses frames, set your link to this website with a “_blank” or “_top” command for the link target.

Other items

  • * Unauthorized usage of content featured in the “SELECTED ONSEN RYOKAN” website in other media, including newspapers, magazines, and e-mail newsletters is prohibited.
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