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With SEARCH FOR A RYOKAN, you will be able to see the list of ryokans or Japanese inns categorized by their features.
With ADVANCED SEARCH, you will be able to see the list of ryokans that meet the conditions that you select.
Please read the explanation below for each item carefully when selecting a ryokan to stay.

pic-howtouse1RYOKANS providing rooms with private open-air bath

This type of ryokan provides rooms with a private open-air bath.
However, most ryokans also provide rooms without private open-air baths. If you wish to stay in a room with a private open-air bath, please make sure to select this type of room when making a reservation.
Take note that some private open-air baths use regular hot water instead of natural hot spring.

pic-howtouse2RYOKANS with hot spring baths for private use

This type of ryokan has a hot spring bath for private use inside their facility, with a reservation system by the hour.
The price and the reservation system vary for each ryokan.
( For more details, please see here )
Depending on the availability, it may not be possible to reserve the bath for the time you want as all baths may be taken.

pic-howtouse3“No. 1” ryokan in Japan

This type of ryokan has a feature that is top-class in Japan among ryokans, such as the largest open-air bath in Japan, the most spacious garden in Japan, or the oldest ryokan in the world.


This category allows you to choose the view of the natural landscape around the ryokan.
At most ryokans, you will be able to enjoy scenery from public spaces such as the open-air bath (rotenburo), from designated rooms for viewing or by taking a walk around the ryokan. If you wish to view scenery from your room, please make a reservation for a plan which includes a room with a designated view.


This feature divides Japan into eight regions: Hokkaido Region, Tohoku Region, Tokyo Suburbs, Nagoya Chubu Hokuriku Region, Osaka Kyoto Kansai Region, Hiroshima Chugoku Region, Shikoku Region, Kyushu Region.
Except for the Hokkaido Region, there are 5 to 10 prefectures in each region.


This type of ryokan (hot spring resort) is a maximum three hours from the main international airports (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo).
Many require trains or Shinkansen via stations in the nearest large city from the airport to their ryokan.

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